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10 Day Sumatra Wild Expedition

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Join us for a 6 days overnight trekking adventure through the wild orangutan territory of Gunung Leuser National Park. inclusive of 4 nights hotel accommodation in Bukit Lawang to relax before and after the trek and a short practice trek to visit the semi wild rehabilitated orangutans at the Bukit Lawang Feeding platform .
At the time trekking learn key jungle skills, such as building camps jungle style . finding and cooking jungle vegetables , fishing for dinner and finding and preparing jungle medicine .
The Gunung Leuser National Park is the best place to see many kinds of species , including orangutans, Sumatran tiger , white handed gibbon , siamang ,Thomas leaf monkey and 285 species birds . 3500 plants species and 60-130 tree species .
This expedition last for 10 days , but we can offer more activities if you still have a time . This expedition is ideal for single travelers looking for like minded people to share experiences. With alternatively we can arrange for you to do the trek alone with our guides at a date fitting in into your travel schedule.
(may very according to weather conditions )
Day one
Only afternoon pick up from Medan and private transportation To hotel accommodation hotel in Bukit Lawang orientation with head guide
Day two
Breakfast followed by short practice trek to orangutans feeding Platform and the surrounding jungle area .
Day three
Breakfast and set off on 6 day trekking Adventure . overnight camping and dinner .
Day four
Continuing trek to next camp looking  for Signs of wild orangutan nests or noise And other wildlife tracks, instruction in Making a jungle camp followed by late. Afternoon fishing by the river and instruction in preparing a jungle dinner.
Day five
Day spent looking for sign or wildlife In the surrounding area. At the same time Collecting jungle vegetable for dinner
And use full jungle medical remedies. instruction in how to prepare the jungle,Vegetables and demonstration in preparation of jungle medicine and its uses .
Day Six
Continue trekking and observing wildlife.
Opportunity for guests to help with setting
Up the jungle camp and preparation of dinner.
Day Seven
Further trekking and tracking of wildlife .
Final night of camping in the jungle .
Set up the camp and prepare jungle dinner
Day eight
Trek to tubing pick up point for
Exhilarating traditional tube rafting
Back to Bukit Lawang and accommodation .
Evening BBQ and party .
Day nine
Stay one more night in Bukit Lawang and
Early afternoon walk around to the village
And to see rice field .
Day ten
Private transportation back to Medan .
  • Private return transportation from Medan to Bukit Lawang and the starting Pont of the expedition .
  • 4 nights hotel accommodation in Bukit Lawang  before and after 6 days trek
  • Highly experienced and licensed guides
  • National park permits
  • All food and water provided during trekking
Important  note!!
An average to high level of physical  fitness is required for this expedition . condition can be hot and At time exhausting in a tropical rainforest climate
Necessary equipment
. Sturdy walking boots and shoes
. Sport sandals of flip flops for river walking
. Sheet or light weight sleeping bag
. Optional ground /inflatable mat , one will be provided if necessary
. Insect repellent
. Trousers ( not jeans) and clothing for relaxing in .
. Head torch or flashlight
NB : this is just a general guide , we will advice you further on the necessary equipment during
The orientation . you may also be able to borrow some items for us
Cost : 500 euro (based on two person)



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